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Installing XNU Headers on MacOS 13

1 minute read

Sometimes, you need certain header files that aren’t available with the default MacOS toolchain. For example, I’m building a replacement for caffeinate which...

Lightning is dead, long live USB-C!

2 minute read

Today, the European Parliament voted to require the use of USB-C in all new devices sold in the EU. This includes phones, tablets, e-readers, cameras, portab...

Use Sudo with Touch ID

1 minute read

If you have a MacBook with Touch ID, you can skip typing your password into sudo by using Touch ID! It’s much faster and potentially more secure. It’s also s...

How to Enable Mosh in an Azure VM

1 minute read

Azure is a pretty great service for hosting cloud services. One of the many things you can do is host a Virtual Machine in the cloud. Mosh is better than SSH...

Running Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi KVM

3 minute read

You might not know this, but Windows 10 is in fact completely compatible with ARM64. ARM architectures are very power-efficient, which makes them perfect for...

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